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Steve Kelnhofer

Meet the Captain

Steve Kelnhofer started blowing glass out of necessity in 2004. He had to teach himself in order to build his dream vaporizer, the Silver Surfer. After a few months of working the glass, he was able to make the parts he needed for his vape.

As the sales grew for the Silver Surfer he went on a hunt for more blowers to help him 16 years ago there was not the amount of quality of blowers in his local. So he asked one of his production workers if he would like to learn glass. The answer was yes, and that is when the building of the glass crew started. This all started in the back of a garage Steve built in his back yard to build the vapes and blow the glass. During this time he realized learning and teaching glass was very difficult. He was falling way behind and had already opened the door to working with China on some electronic parts for the Surfer. He thought well, maybe they can also help with glass, and after a lot of searching he ended up flying out to China to teach them how to help with some parts. This was an eye opener to Steve in many ways. First he seen one of the most beautiful glass shops he had ever seen. The people there wanted to learn what he knew, but as he found out, he did not know much and eneded up learning more at that time than any other time in his glassblowing carreer.