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How To Make A Bubble Implosion Marble

Making a bubble implosion marble is fairly easy and very rewarding!  In order to make your implosion marble you will need a 10-16mm rod of clear glass.   Melt this rod so there is a ball at the end and then press it down.  Then heat this flat part up so you can get your dimples […]

How to make lined tubing with the stick stack method

Making lined tubing is something that we just love as glass artists.  In this blog we will go over how to make a stick stack lined tubing section. What you need: You will need a 1-inch graphite rod.  This is used to put your color around and hold it as you put the color in […]

How To Sand, form and polish graphite for glassblowing

Glass blowing involves upkeep and maintenance. Today we wanted to talk to you about polishing, reshaping, and cleaning your graphite tools. Any tool made of graphite will eventually see some wear and tear. This can decrease the effectiveness of your tools and can cause them to stick to hot glass. Depending on the kind of […]

How Do I Know How Much Oxygen My Glassblowing Torch Uses?

OXYGEN REQUIREMENTS FOR DESKTOP BENCH BURNERS The LPM’s stated are for FULL FLAME CAPABILITIES with NO FLAME DISTORTION Knowing whta you need can help you set up your station much easier. BURNER LPM REQUIRED(LITERS PER MINUTE) EX 5 5 lpm @ 7 psi EX 10 5 lpm @ 10 psi EX 15 8 lpm @ […]

How To Encase An Opal & Remove An Air Bubble

Adding an opal to your work will for sure add bling.  We personally LOVE opals and how they shimmer in the light.  We will attempt to give you a guide on how to encase an opal. HOW TO ENCASE AN OPAL IN A TUBE Get your opal ready by cleaning it.  The best way is […]

How to put frit into clear glass for a fritted slug

Frit is an amazing glass form that is easy to use.  We have heard people say they struggle with melting in frit.  This is mostly because they are not using enough heat to melt in the frit.  In this video, we will go over the best way to get the frit melted in so you […]

Glass Blowing A Day In The Life Of Elev8 Premier 1-19-19

Glassblowing at the Elev8 Premier Glassblowing Studio Glassblowing is no doubt the passion found at the glass studio called Elev8 Premier. This is our first compilation of a day at the glassblowing studio. Many times you can find a glassblowing class going on or even a day where all the glassblowers are collectively working on […]

Elev8 Your Wedding With An Heirloom – Wedding Glasses in Colorado Springs

Wedding Glasses in Colorado Springs – Is someone you know very special to you getting married?  Well, if you have a friend or loved one that’s getting married, these Elev8 Wedding Glasses will be the talk of the wedding.  These Elev8 wedding glasses are handcrafted with love in Colorado Springs by me Steve Kelnhofer at the […]

Chapter 23: SunFire Finger Freaky Ferankshanaw Arrives to Earth

Chapter 23: The Ferankshanaw tail To be honest this is it first in the series.  I finally got to a point that there is a place to put this stuff, but I am on my 23rd creature.   The way I see it, I am not late, just finally have it kinda thought out.  Much like Star Wars […]

How To Make Lined Worked Tubing With Stringer

Using Stringers To Make Lined Tubing About 12-13 years ago I learned this technique from @e_stex.  Back then, as far as I know, this was the only technique anyone knew to make colored tubing.  The great thing about this is you do not need a lot to make it.  You can make a section with a […]
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