September 20, 2020
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Category: All about the glass

Talking with Jeff from Elev8 Premier

Sit down and talk a little with Jeff and Alex Jeff has been working at the glass blowing trade for near 7 years and has worked up to be the shot caller at Elev8 Premier while blowing glass. Functional work is what he likes most keeping it simple and clean. This is one of the […]

Wrap and Rake

Wrap and Rake - One of the more basic yet when done right can be just amazing!  This technique gives the glass like a scallop effect of dragging effect. Wrap - This part of the technique is what will give the underlying pasterns and colors.  You will take a warm piece of glass, the hotter […]

The Elev8 Premier Glass Studio – What is it?

To a blower, Elev8 Premier Glass Studio is heaven on earth. Elev8 Premier Glass Studio is the glass blowing facility you’ve come to love.  With their incredible selection of raw glass, the clean and inviting atmosphere, and their super friendly and knowledgeable team of glass blowing aficionados. You know them best however, for that dope […]

Fuming with Silver

Fuming – This glass technique is one of the first basic techniques learned by a blower.  It is very simple and silver is inexpensive for what it does.  Gold is a little more costly, but it takes fuming to the next level. Silver Fuming Silver Fuming – The glass must be hot in order for the silver […]

Landing of the #Ferankshanaws

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Blood red Cube Cycler

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