September 20, 2020
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Category: Elev8ed Arts

Glass Blowing A Day In The Life Of Elev8 Premier 1-19-19

Glassblowing at the Elev8 Premier Glassblowing Studio Glassblowing is no doubt the passion found at the glass studio called Elev8 Premier. This is our first compilation of a day at the glassblowing studio. Many times you can find a glassblowing class going on or even a day where all the glassblowers are collectively working on […]

Elev8ed Arts – the art of melting glass with Matt Z.

Experience the LIQUID ARTS of glass blowing.   Have you ever seen that amazing piece of glass and said to yourself, how did they do that?  Have you ever said “I sure would love to know how to blow glass”?  Well if you have ever said yes to any of these, you have found the place […]