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Glass Blowing A Day In The Life Of Elev8 Premier 1-19-19

Glassblowing at the Elev8 Premier Glassblowing Studio

Glassblowing is no doubt the passion found at the glass studio called Elev8 Premier. This is our first compilation of a day at the glassblowing studio. Many times you can find a glassblowing class going on or even a day where all the glassblowers are collectively working on an installation. Other times you will find the crew working on a piece they have in their head. We will try to make this a new thing where we have a collage of images and videos to showcase the glassblowing crew known as Elev8 Premier.

If you ever want to take a class to learn some glassblowing you need to look no further.  Elev8 Premier has been putting on Liquid Arts Glassblowing Classes for years now.  You will get 4 hours in the studio with some learning and more on the torch time.  Learn what the art of glassblowing is and all the fun that is associated with it, but note it’s not easy.  Learn more here.

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