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How to do Jesus Weld

Learn how to do a Jesus weld or what some call a double disappearing weld.

In this short video you will see a Jesus weld done.  I think this is called a Jesus weld as when you finally get it you say Jesus, I can’t believe that worked!!!!  This weld is what a blower uses to connect a tube to a vessel that neither has a hole.  When done right it works AMAZINGLY WELL!

How is this shit done??????

Ok, so first you want to make sure you have a tube welded up to your rig.  Usually you are bringing up the uptake to do this Jesus weld.  So once you have your tube welded to the bottom vessel you will bend it to how you like it.  To get a good Jesus weld you will want to make sure you are about 7mm to 14mm apart.  If you are too close this is hard, if you are too far, your glass will get way thin.  We have found that about 8mm-11mm is a sweet spot.  Once you have this separation you will begin to heat up the glass of the vessel and the tube.  The goal here is to get both sides of the glass to bubble out and touch each other.  Where the two bubble touch is where the glass will separate.  This happens because glass wants to be 1/4 inch thick.  Its like a water drop, it only wants to be so small.  Anyways, once the two bubbles are touching you will turn your flame down on your hand torch.  We have found that a small flame is best for this, so you can focus on the seam, (where the two bubbles come together).  Now heat that seam up, blow out once it cools oh so slightly.  You do not want to blow a bubble that pops, and this glass is F&*King thin, and you want it this way.  Now blow out that seam, do it over and over until you see the seam go away.   Once it goes away you need to keep pressure in there so it does not seal back up.  Keeping pressure you will now go around the seam and let the inside part melt into the edge.   AHH, Jesus you got it!!!!  Now finish the weld and make it look oh so pretty.

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