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How to Melt Frit

How to melt frit into a clear tube of glass.

In this video we go over how to melt frit into some 50mm clear glass tube.  Once we melt this in we can use the color section to make a pipe, or as the color section in one of our cups.

What is Frit?

Frit is just glass that has been broken into small small pieces.  Lucky for us the glass manufacturers sift this for us and put it in fine, small, medium and large pits.  Powder is hard to use on the inside and we stay away from it.

The first thing we do is to make a slug by welding a blow tube to a chunk of 50mm heavy wall tubing.  Once we have this we will use our scooper to pour some frit down the tube into the 50mm tube.  Once we do this we heat up the glass and let the frit stick to the clear glass.  If we did not put enough frit into the tube one will be able to tell as it will not get covered to your desire.  Add more if you like or mix it up and make your own design. Once the frit is in there melt it down.  You want to make sure that you melt it good enough that the frit is fully melted in.  The inside should be just as smooth as the outside, or you did not melt it in all the way.  Once you have this melted in you can turn the colored part of glass into what ever you like.  Turn it to a pipe or a cup or a salt shaker, you do what you want as you are the artist.



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