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Chapter 23: SunFire Finger Freaky Ferankshanaw Arrives to Earth

Chapter 23: The Ferankshanaw tail

To be honest this is it first in the series.  I finally got to a point that there is a place to put this stuff, but I am on my 23rd creature.   The way I see it, I am not late, just finally have it kinda thought out.  Much like Star Wars started.  This is kinda inspired by that time in my life, long long ago, maybe not in a faraway galaxy.  But the faraway galaxy has found us by means of this alien life form.  I came up with this name when I was about 6 years old.   Really I do not know when I came up with it, but it was a long time ago fo showgun of Harlem!  I have been thinking of this comic book thing for about 15 years now and YA!!! today I start it for reals.  As I make these I will add them to the story.  I have no clue how this will go, or do I?

Well, here we go with this f@$%@r, vape one up and enjoy this adventure with me.

Today a new Ferankshanaw landed on earth.  Man its nuts how they get down here, really.  Flying through the atmosphere at night you can see them coming in as what looks like a shooting star.  They come down in a fully organic rock substance not found on earth.  So far we think 80% of the outer shell is burned away, making that cool ass shooting star or comet look you have seen before in the night sky.  Now ask yourself was that a rock coming in, or one of these little aliens?  We have had a great success with communicating with them by drawings and numbers.  They do have a language they speak, we just have not been able to figure it out.  We are getting close to breaking this barrier though and are very excited.  From the communication efforts we have done with them, we have learned that once they land the oxygen starts to corrode the remainder of the shell, eventually they emerge as we see this one here.  We will go into that in another session.

What’s the story of this dude?

This little guy has some freaky fingers.  Under UV they glow.  He uses his crazy hand to keep his bowl loaded with yummy terps from the amazing plant we call Cannabis.  Looking as though he came directly from the sun, he will for sure brighten up your day.  As you get to know this little critter you will begine to fall in love with its quirky ways he delivers some cannabis vapor to you.  As with typical Ferankshanaw’s this one is pregnant and ready to birth shortly.   The SunFire Finger Freaky has actually two whombiverses growing our of it.  The whombiverse is a plasma like egg that forms on the outside of the Ferankshanaw body.  The plasma keeps the fetus at the proper temperature and feeds it direct energy from the sun.  What makes this little Ferankshanaw so special is that it has the power to harness the rays of the sun and turn them to rays of joy.  This becomes specially neat when you smoke with it on a sunny day.  You can feel the enhancements of the sun being mixed with the cannabis smoke to deliver an amazing breath of enlightenment.


If you like this series please let me know and you will make my day.

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