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How To Make Lined Worked Tubing With Stringer

Using Stringers To Make Lined Tubing

About 12-13 years ago I learned this technique from @e_stex.  Back then, as far as I know, this was the only technique anyone knew to make colored tubing.  The great thing about this is you do not need a lot to make it.  You can make a section with a lot of lines.  Its just dope and I would still believe this is the first technique a blower should learn when it comes to lined tubing.

You can use 45 or 50 or any size tubing really.  I would suggest 45 or 50 heavy wall.  Open an end and flare it.  The less you flare it the less its flared.  Youll see how dope it is that as you do the lines you will have to “V” it out.  This all melts down, just make sure it happens in a solid color.  Youll see more in the video.  Pull your rods down to about 2-5 mill.  I like 4 the best.  The smaller the stringers, the more lines you can get in there.  Have fun.  Lay your lines down straight and do not let them touch.   You do this so no air can get trapped in there.   The color WILL touch and make it solid.  Color the full tube like in the video.

Work the flare down and close it.  Once closed you will heat it up and melt it all down and get it small.  The smaller you go you will start to see the lines touch each other, go further and all the color will touch making a fully colored tube.  Work it and then open the end up and then attach a blow tube.  Remove the other blow tube and work that end in.  Blow it out and work it to get an even wall thickness and you are good.

Work this so that it is heavy and thick.   If it is too thin it will not be as good as it can be with thicker tubing.  When you pull it down you will see that working with thicker tubing is better than thin.  Now pull it and you are done.  Really not that hard.


If you want more glass feel free after you close the first end that you can add more clear glass.   I have used 10-12 mill and laid it on top of the clear.  No need to make it touch, the glass will work its way to even wall thickness.


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