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How to make a no spin coil pot we call the push n blow methode

Do you love coil pot to get that colored rod of glass turned to a tube?  Well I also love it, but sometimes I do not want the lines I get using some colors like unobtainium or double amber purple.  Now sometimes these lines are great and I do want them, they give yet another effect.   But there are times I want just a clean tube with no lines.   How do you get it so easy?  Well, its not easy, but its not that hard if you have some skills at this point.



What you do is get a blow tube, I prefer a 12mm tube.  You will want to make sure the end you put in your mouth is fire polished and the other end is flared open just a little.  Take your blow tube you made and put that into your blow hose assembly.  Now take your piece of color and heat it up until you have a glob of glass.   You can do this by letting it gather, or you can gather it and then press it on your marver pad.  I prefer the marver pad as I feel it is a little faster.  Once you have a good amount of glass you will want to get it hot and juicy.  The center of this color glob needs to have heat all the way in it.  When you feel this is accomplished you will take that glob of hot glass and put it up to your blow tube.  You want your blow tube hot, but not juicy as you will want to blow into this hot glob of glass once you put the tube and glob together.   I put the tube and blob together and then I wait about 1/8 of a second so it gets a little skin.  Then I start to blow, if a bubble starts to grow you did it right.  If it is too hard to blow, you need more heat.  Once you get this down you can use the heat blow your bubble further out into the glob of glass.  Once you do this, ride the front of the flame while you push your colored rod of glass into the blob.  Once you got this figured out you can push a whole stick of color into a tube like this.




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