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How To Make A Bubble Implosion Marble

Making a bubble implosion marble is fairly easy and very rewarding!  In order to make your implosion marble you will need a 10-16mm rod of clear glass.   Melt this rod so there is a ball at the end and then press it down.  Then heat this flat part up so you can get your dimples on the frog when you press it.  Make sure you let it cool just a little so the pins do not melt on your frog.  Next, if you want to fume, do that.  If not just start adding your color.  If you fumed, you can use clear to get the implosion effect.

How To Make An Bubble Implosion Marble Steps

  1. Gather a ball and push if flat
  2. Heat the flat part and press onto a frog
  3. Add you color to the holes pressed in by the pins on the frog
  4. Melt in
  5. Add backing color
  6. Make round
  7. Your done!
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