September 20, 2020
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Category: How Toos

How To Encase An Opal & Remove An Air Bubble

Adding an opal to your work will for sure add bling.  We personally LOVE opals and how they shimmer in the light.  We will attempt to give you a guide on how to encase an opal. HOW TO ENCASE AN OPAL IN A TUBE Get your opal ready by cleaning it.  The best way is […]

How to put frit into clear glass for a fritted slug

Frit is an amazing glass form that is easy to use.  We have heard people say they struggle with melting in frit.  This is mostly because they are not using enough heat to melt in the frit.  In this video, we will go over the best way to get the frit melted in so you […]

How To Make Lined Worked Tubing With Stringer

Using Stringers To Make Lined Tubing About 12-13 years ago I learned this technique from @e_stex.  Back then, as far as I know, this was the only technique anyone knew to make colored tubing.  The great thing about this is you do not need a lot to make it.  You can make a section with a […]

How to Put a Window in Glass and Switch the Axis

How To Put A Window In Glass And Switch The Axis We will go through how to put a window on the end of a tube and then flip the axis of the glass so the window is on the side and not the top or bottom. Best to pre-make the window first before you […]

Learn how to make a bender back switch ball reversal with lined tubing.

Switch Ball –  Bender Back Reversal Style In this video Steve K. will attempt to teach how to make a switch ball with the bender back style. Why the Bender Back way? There are a lot of ways to make a wig wag on some lined tubing.  This is the last technique I learned to […]

How to Melt Frit

How to melt frit into a clear tube of glass. In this video we go over how to melt frit into some 50mm clear glass tube.  Once we melt this in we can use the color section to make a pipe, or as the color section in one of our cups. What is Frit? Frit […]

How to Score and Fire Polish 12mm Tube

Learn to score and fire polish a 12mm blow tube. In this video we will show you some of the most basic techniques a glass blower will use.  Scoring is how we mostly always crack our glass rod or tube.   One thing we have learned from some old timers is that it is wise to […]

How to Wrap and Rake with Silver Fume

Fuming is one of the first things I had to learn thanks to Bob Snodgrass.  The next was wrap and rake, not sure where that came from, probably Italy.  Fuming with silver will allow you to get that amazing color changing effect.  This will allow you to get blues, whites and purples (my favorite).  To […]

Making Ribbon Cane

Learn to make a ribbon cane with 2 colors I love ribbons in glass!!  I love the inside out technique that makes that ribbon just POP like one of those snakes from Beetle Juice.  This was one of the first things I had to learn more than 12 years ago.  So how do you make […]

How to make a no spin coil pot we call the push n blow methode

Do you love coil pot to get that colored rod of glass turned to a tube?  Well I also love it, but sometimes I do not want the lines I get using some colors like unobtainium or double amber purple.  Now sometimes these lines are great and I do want them, they give yet another […]
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