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What is a Terp Spoon

Terp Spoon, Dab Spoon, Sauce Spoon or Distillate Spoon???

Each day in this industry is like a brand new day in evolution.  Last week I had a friend from Garden of the Budz hit me up to ask about these spoons.  I was like ya, those are neat and look fun to make.  Not only that but I could have them made with blowers of different skill sets.  So I went in and started forming what I thought were 3 great designs.  The shapes I came up with are not fully original, but kinda what I had seen on this major tool called Instagram.  The three shapes I came up with are a round spoon shape, a spade shape that yes kinda looks like a vagina, and for the third shape I came up with a traditional shovel form.

What are these spoons used for?

The small spoon with what I call a dabber on the other end is one of these products that has a lot of uses in the industry.

Terp Spoon –  This term is used when a person is using the spoon to scoop up some terpy terps, or some call terpenes.   Terps are a pretty messy substance like honey, super great though like honey!  These are what gives the cannabis its distinct flavor and smell.  Each strain has a different terp combination.  This is one of the reasons strains taste and smell different.   This spoon is designed to scoop them terps up and drop them in your vaporizer or banger or any other way you like to consume.

Dab Spoon – Used as a large dabber, for those people that want to do that stuff.  Dabs are just the concentrates from cannabis.  Dab spoon would be the generic or overall term used for these I think.

Sauce Spoon – When you get the sauce you need a better way to get it scooped up.  These little spoons can be a sauce spoon because they are perfect for getting that goodness and dropping it in what ever you are putting it in to enjoy.  Many times the sauce is mixed with THC diamonds so you can scoop them too.

Distillate Spoon –  Distillates are many times in a powder form, or crystal form.  Spoons are perfect for scooping this wonderful stuff up.

What form is best?

I think depending on your situation and how you like to do things is what will be the biggest factor in what form is best.  For an oily substance maybe the tear drop design is best as it is like a quil pen and the oil will flow down the tip.  For distillates maybe it is the shovel design.  Easy to scoop and dump.  The all round design is maybe the best overall design, I just love the look.

How are they made?

First we make a bubble, pretty small about 9-12mm.  Then we take that off and let it cool down.  We then Cut the bubble on our wet saw.  We then polish the cut on our lapping wheel.  Then we heat it up, weld it to a rod just right, give a slight pull.  Then stretch the back end and let it gather.  We then flatten it.

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