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Elev8 with Chris the glassblower AKA Skoeetglass

Elev8 with the amazing Chris the Glassblower!

Elev8 with Chris the glassblower AKA SkoeetglassLast week we were lucky enough to have Chris stop by down here at Elev8 Presents!  Always a great time with this cool cat.  8 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting him before he was a blower.  Over the years we have seen Chris grow into an amazing blower we love here at Elev8!

Born and raised in Colorado Springs he is happy to still be here.  Nearly over 8 years ago this cat came into 7th Floor and was looking for a job, and 7th Floor was looking for some quality help.  Chris took up the skill very fast as he found a joy in the art.  His skills were honed in production work, now bringing that skill set to more art glass.  Hands are what he is working on now as they are some of the hardest things to make in both glass and painting.

Being glass blower the hustle never stops.  Chris utilizes both Instagram and facebook to promote himself.  He also finds the best way is to just get out there and meet the folks buying.  I know I find it easy to fall in love with this guy as his attitude is wonderful!

By dedicating a ton of time into the glass world Chris has been able to build his skill set so he can find more and more skills and never stop building his skill.

Klien recyclers are one of the pieces of glass that inspires him as they are very hard to put together and stretching his skill set is what he loves.  Cartoons are one of the best places Chris likes to look for inspiration.  The luny toons are one of his favorite cartoons.

Are aliens out there or are we the aliens refined?  Tune into the Elev8 Presents YouTubechannell to really get to know this cat.  And when you are done go follow him on Instagram.




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