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Elev8 Premier Mini Tube Rig Drop 2-7-18

New Elev8 Premier team mini tube rig drop!

Mini Tube RigMini Tube Rig – Last weekend we had an amazing day at the Elev8 Premier glass blowing studio.  We were able to wrangle up 6 of our blowers Jeff, Matt, Steve, Sean, Rob and Kevin.  All of us are at different skill sets so the challenge is finding techniques that each blower excels at.  Once you know what a person excels at we can put together a plan of action.

The first part of the project is to get all the parts ready for assembly.  Sean, Rob Kevin, and Jeff were tasked with this first part of the project of getting the prep done.  Rob was tasked with making the frit part that would become the middle section.  Sean was tasked with the dot stack work.  When Sean was completed with his part and Rob was done with his, both parts were handed off to Matt.  Matt combined the two piece of glass and then switched the axis on them, as we love windows!

Jeff came up next with his parts.  He was able to beautifully do the fume work above and below the color section by Rob and Sean.  Once done with those two parts, they were then handed off to Matt to put the 3 parts of glass together.  Jeff then built the fumed neck of the rig and placed it in the kiln so that Matt could assemble the neck with the mouthpiece by Sean.

Matt made up the neck/mouthpiece colored part and the middles section then handed them off to Steve for assembly on the lathe.  Steve joined them all together and then brought them back to Matt for final assembly.  Matt kills putting in downstems and attaching the ground glass bowl that Jeff was able to make in house with some color from Sean.

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