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How to make a Maria (Mariah) on a tube of glass

Making a Maria

These are something that looks cool and is a basic essential to glass blowing.  For this we will use a 12mm tube of glass, but you can use any size tube or rod of glass.  To start out I use a small flame about 1/4 inch diameter.  I take my tube and put it in the flame and begin to spin it so it heats evenly.  Spinning the glass is what heats it evenly, do not move your glass up and down in the flame, this only hits one side of it.  Now that you are spinning the glass and getting it a nice even heat you will begin to push in.  As you push in you will see your glass start to sandwich and you will see a crease inside the tube.  This is ok and just keep the heat up and keep pushing it and you will see the crease go away.  The more you do this the larger your maria will get to an extent.  I do not think you could get one on a 12mm tube to 12 inches.  But feel free to give it a shot!

A few things you would use a maria for are carb caps, parts that look nice on dab straws, down stems.

  • Do not let it get too juicy, but just the right juicy.
  • Once you get it hot, ride the top or bottom of the flame


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