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How to Put a Window in Glass and Switch the Axis

How To Put A Window In Glass And Switch The Axis

We will go through how to put a window on the end of a tube and then flip the axis of the glass so the window is on the side and not the top or bottom.

Best to pre-make the window first before you get the tube ready.  This way you can know how big to open your tube up to match the opening to the window.  Windows can be nearly anything, from just a plain piece of clear to a worked piece of color or dot stack or whatever you want to do, you are the artist.  Once you have a window you can then get your tube ready.   Your tube as the window can be nearly anything you want.   In this video, I used a tube of glass that I melted 2 layers of frit into the inside of the tube.  The biggest thing you need to make sure you do not matter what is make sure that the wall thickness is uniform.  Preparation is key to making good glass.

Now that you have a tube that has even wall thickness and you have the end opened to match you are ready to put the two pieces of glass together.  You will notice I put the two pieces of glass together as what I call dry.  Dry to me is when the glass is solid and will not stick to other glass.  Once you have the two pieces together and they match up, you will hold them together and put just one part in the flame so that the two parts weld together.  Once you have that one tack weld, spin the glass 180 degrees and tack the other side.  Now remove the punty and start to melt the two into one.  Pay attention as you melt these together so that any areas in the glass by the weld start to even out to a more even wall thickness.  With the wall thicknesses becoming the same you will then start to let the window fall back onto the tube of glass and let it get fatter.

Once you get it to a fatter part of a ball and you feel you have it basically so half the glass is on one side and the other half is on the other you are ready to put a hold in the glass. Do the hole, then make it good so you can put your new blow tube up the hole.  I do not weld this perfectly as I find it a waste of time as there is so much heat the weld will not pop.  I then pull the other blow tube off and get the termination good.  Then I start to melt that all down.  As you get the wall thicknesses better you can then start to round it out back into a tube.  TAKE THIS SLOW.  the slower you go, the less chance you have of distorting your window.

After you have it melted down into a tube well enough you can then pop a hole in the front and then attach a new blow tube to it.  Then take the other off, get the termination on point and melt it to get the wall thicknesses even.  You have a tube now with a window in the side.

Find the chingaderas out there and point them out.

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