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How to put frit into clear glass for a fritted slug

Frit is an amazing glass form that is easy to use.  We have heard people say they struggle with melting in frit.  This is mostly because they are not using enough heat to melt in the frit.  In this video, we will go over the best way to get the frit melted in so you can rest assured your glass will not come out of the kiln cracked.

Frit in cups

How to melt frit into glass

  1. Make a slug of 50mm tube welded to a 12mm tube.
  2. Fill the slug with frit and heat the glass until the frit sticks to the clear.  Make sure you cover all the inside of the glass with frit.   This will give the best look
  3. Heat the glass, and heat it more.  Roll the glass down in size and heat more.   Then you will give a slight blow out, after that you will give more heat and more heat and roll it down.  Rolling the glass down allows the frit to melt into the clear better and faster.
  4. Now flip the tube and weld to a new blow tube.
  5. Heat the other side and you are done.


Making a frit pipe or frit cup is super easy when you know how.  It also is a very fast way to add color to the glass.  With frit there are many sizes to pick from so you get the look you want.  Bigger chunks of frit will give you a pillowy look, while finer frit like powder will give you a clean sleeve look like what is done with alien skin.

Check out some frit pipe for sale at www.elev8glassgallery.com.  Here you can see a lot of different pipes and cups that are made using frit in them.  Some of the coolest frit colors are whites, and we love the double amber purple and how it fumes out!


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