September 23, 2020
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Elev8 with Chris the glassblower AKA Skoeetglass

Elev8 with the amazing Chris the Glassblower! Last week we were lucky enough to have Chris stop by down here at Elev8 Presents!  Always a great time with this cool cat.  8 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting him before he was a blower.  Over the years we have seen Chris grow into […]

Learn how to make a bender back switch ball reversal with lined tubing.

Switch Ball –  Bender Back Reversal Style In this video Steve K. will attempt to teach how to make a switch ball with the bender back style. Why the Bender Back way? There are a lot of ways to make a wig wag on some lined tubing.  This is the last technique I learned to […]

What is a Terp Spoon

Terp Spoon, Dab Spoon, Sauce Spoon or Distillate Spoon??? Each day in this industry is like a brand new day in evolution.  Last week I had a friend from Garden of the Budz hit me up to ask about these spoons.  I was like ya, those are neat and look fun to make.  Not only […]

Elev8 with Emily Marie – A Glass Artist

Getting to know the one and only Emily Marie During the 2018 AGE show I was fortunate enough to start my day standing in line behind Emily.  Luckily I was introduced to her by an Becca an Elev8 Doll, so I had to ask if I could get an interview with Emily.  To my surprise […]

Elev8 with Hops and Rocko Glass Artists

A duo of brilliance with Hops and Rocko The great thing about the AGE show is the chance to meet some of the industries leaders and my mentors!  Walking along I happen to find two talented artists that go by the names of Hops Glass and Rocko.    Hops started blowing glass back in October […]

Elev8 with David Graeber glass artist at the Age Show

 A moment in time with David Graeber.   While at the 2018 Age Trade show I was very fortunate to find an amazing artist named David Graeber.  Walking by his booth this giant marble grabs my eye and my mind was blown!  Lucky for me David was kind enough to give me some of his […]

Function of a Hour Glass Recycler

The function of a hour glass recycler is dope! Here we show you the function of one of our in house hour glass recyclers that was made by Steve K. a 13 year glass blower.  Steve enjoys making these as they stretch his skill set and are very durable and the function is killer on […]

How a blower does the new year

How Elev8 Premier does the New Year How do you end the year and bring in the new one?  Well Matt Z. at Elev8 Premier ends the year with a rig and starts the new year with a rig.  As time is short and he stretches his skill set, he did this year a little […]

How to do Jesus Weld

Learn how to do a Jesus weld or what some call a double disappearing weld. In this short video you will see a Jesus weld done.  I think this is called a Jesus weld as when you finally get it you say Jesus, I can’t believe that worked!!!!  This weld is what a blower uses […]

How to Melt Frit

How to melt frit into a clear tube of glass. In this video we go over how to melt frit into some 50mm clear glass tube.  Once we melt this in we can use the color section to make a pipe, or as the color section in one of our cups. What is Frit? Frit […]
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